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Why work your entire life to end up having your heirs liquidate over half of your assets to satisfy an obligation you didn't have to pay?

It has been long held that estate taxes are voluntary. Part of the assets you control are what we call personal capital. But 50% of what you control is "social" capital. You have a choice of distributing the capital to social causes of your choice and determination or you can send your assets to the Federal Clearing House in Washington D.C.

Too often, people who have successfully amassed significant wealth have overlooked exactly how much control they have over the disposition of their estate. Instead of carefully planning their ultimate exit, they leave the plan to chance. Instead of proactively designing a legacy compatible with their life objectives and values, they abdicate the job to their attorney and heirs after the fact.

BMI Consulting is dedicated to helping their clients visualize and implement their legacy. Through the skillful combination of legal, ethical and effective tools, BMI can help you dictate the terms of your legacy.


Every person in the United States leaves a legacy - a statement of who they were and what was important to them. Some were fully in control of their legacy, while others elected to ignore the opportunities. The Choice will always be theirs, until it is too late.

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