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BMI Consulting, LLC is a business advisor to business. The focus is to assess, design and implement "excellent" solutions for our clients. Through our research, proactive problem analysis, and creative solutions, BMI offers ethical, efficient, and effective answers to the tax, retirement, and transition needs of our clients. Our network of consultants around the United States provide.
All BMI consultants understand and adhere to the following values:
  Our Clients needs are our top priority     Product solutions are the last step
  This means:     This means:
  - Quick response
- Follow through
- Accountability



- Complete all documentation
- Fully assess all costing models
- Disclose all potential tax issues
  BMI believes in only offering ethical solutions
  This means:
  - Risk conservative
- Tax aggressive
- Full disclosure
- Full accountability to advisors
  Stewardship of our client's wealth is our primary concern
  This means:
  - Assist clients in their effort to understand their options
- Evaluate potential alternatives in light of economic consequences
- Strive to protect assets from reduction through economic loss, taxes, and poor management

The financial services industry has morphed from a cottage industry to a network of highly skilled, experienced consultants who understand the complexity of benefits and retirement.

We have discovered that most people are so busy being successful, they have little time or patience for the fast rate of change. BMI is expert and skilled in helping these successful and Webmaster busy entrepreneurs and executives organize, assess and ultimately realign the varied assets they hold in their 3 Circles.

BMI Consulting was formed in 1995 to meet just such a need. Through the vision and experience of Stanley Mountford, and Guy Baker, BMI has emerged as one of the most successful management-consulting firms in America.

  Telephone 888-264-7658 // Fax 949-900-0096 // Address 15520 Rockfield Blvd., Suite G; Irvine, California 92618