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Most business owners work a lifetime building an organization so they can convert it to capital at retirement that will replace their income. What they usually discover is, after the sale, there is not enough capital left to do the job. Increasing the net proceeds from a sale is NOT best done at the last minute. It is the result of long range planning. This is what BMI Consulting can do for you. When is the best time to start the process? We call this the “Red Zone.” It is the final minutes of the succession game. It is the distance between where you are today, and where you plan to be when you are finally ready to turn off the lights for the last time. BMI has written a booklet available at no cost to business owners that can help jump start your thinking process as you approach retirement. It gives an introduction to the issues and opportunities available to you as you enter the Red Zone. Proper implementation can help you run up the score as you sprint to retirement. It gives an introduction to the issues and opportunities available and can help you run up the score in The Red Zone.


Whether you are a family-held business, a multi-family owned business with professional management, an owner-operated business with partners, or you are on your own – the more successful you are, the harder it is to accumulate wealth outside or inside your business. How do you build a meaningful wealth accumulation plan with today’s tax rules working against you? BMI Consulting knows how to do this. We can show you and your company an innovative way to grow your retirement nest egg which utilizes little known IRS code sections to grow retirement benefits tax deductible, with tax free distributions when you are ready to retire. 


What if you could create significant retirement capital, funded with the business dollar, that is tax deductible, grows tax free and you can access 
tax free in retirement? Would this be interesting to you now? BMI’s Capital Split Dollar program provides owners of any active trade or business the
opportunity to build tax advantaged wealth for themselves and their top management team. CSD provides a meaningful incentive to attract and 
retain highly compensated executives, especially those who are pressing to own stock in the company. Through a unique blend of leverage and 
tax benefits, BMI has crafted a compensation funding strategy that is outside the reach of company creditors. It is tax deductible to the company and allows you to pick and choose who you want to participate in the plan. If you would like a quick analysis of how Capital Split Dollar can 
benefit you and your company, contact us at for additional information.


Not sure where to begin with your legacy and estate tax planning? Take a look at some of the case profiles BMI has implemented over the years and see if we might be able to help you too! Family Wealth Counseling is an art, not a science! Every family has its own unique set of facts, circumstances and priorities. Our goal is to help you find the best way to help your family manage the wealth you spent a lifetime building. This is NOT a simple process. But it is rewarding and in the end, you will know you have done your best to build a lasting legacy that will benefit family members for generations to come. If you would like to discuss this process and the best ways to address your family issues, contact us for a confidential consultation. No charge. We are here to help. You will know within a short time if you think we have what it takes to get you over the finish line. Planning is like a Rubik’s Cube. Every move impacts other strategies and planning in different ways. It takes a highly skilled consultant who has experience, to help you through the maze. This is what we do. Let’s set up a ZOOM meeting to give us an opportunity to show you how you can find meaningful solutions to your long term planning questions.